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Festival Tours In Bhutan

Bhutan is the land of people who are deeply associated with their age-long customs and festivals. These festivals bring smile on their faces. The Bhutanese celebrate their festivals with huge fanfare. They dance, sing and eat, and follow plethora of customs which are inextricably associated with these festivals. Watching them perform these festivals is a delightful and intriguing sight.

Avaliable Programs

  • Bhutan Paro Festival Tours Bhutan Paro Festival Tours Be a part of only a few westerners who have enjoyed the fascinating Tsechu festivals of Bhutan. The Tsechus are Buddhist religious festivals where masked dances depicting the events from the life of Padmasambhava, the eighth century Nyingmapa Buddhist tea View Details
  • East Bhutan Gomkora Festival Tours East Bhutan Gomkora Festival Tours Gomkora festival: It is the small temple in the east and its correct name is Gomphu Kora. Gomphu means the sacred meditation site of Guru Padmasamva and Kora means circumambulation. View Details
  • Jambay Lhakhang Festival Tour Jambay Lhakhang Festival Tour Bhutan’s numerous festivals are a joyful expression of its culture – and largely inspired by Buddhism. The Tshechu – or the masked dance festivals – is a rare occasion and a living testimony to the country’s ancient past. These festivals are a dedication View Details
  •  Nimalung Festival Tours Nimalung Festival Tours At this Nimalung Festival, Mask Dances are performed by both monks and lay person in brilliant costumes re-enacting the legendary events, accompanied by blaring horns, booming drums, and clashing cymbals as they whirl and leap around the courtyard. View Details
  • Punakha Dromchoe Festival Tour Punakha Dromchoe Festival Tour The highlight of Punakha festival, where you will spend one or one and a half days, according to your interest. The events and enactments are different on each day. The festival actually consists of two festivals. View Details
  • Ura Tsechu Festival Tour Ura Tsechu Festival Tour Tsechu Festival; invocations of local blessing and religious purification. Tsechus are spiritual, exotic arrays of color, medieval and breathtaking. View Details
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